NetherMod 2017 Conference (27-31 Aug. 2017)

poster session Tuesday

Atkins et al. Neural network emulators for geodynamics: for uncertainties, sensitivity and the impatient
Bower et al. Evolution of terrestrial planets from molten to solid
Coltice Tectonic predictions with mantle convection models
Crameri Abrupt upper-plate tilting during slab transition-zone collision
Davies Intra-plate volcanism: the role of plumes, plate motion, plate motion changes and lithospheric structure
Franken Interpreting continental break-up from surface observations: analysis of 1D partial melting using synthetic waveform propagation
Gassmoeller et al. Towards ASPECT 2.0: Features and software structure
Glerum et al. 3D instantaneous dynamics modeling of present-day Aegean subduction
Gögüs et al. Magmatism by delamination: Bimodal melting patterns inferred by numerical models
Hansen & Dude Layer-formation in the early Earth’s mantle
Hertgen et al. Impact of the overriding plate rheology on convergence zone dynamics
Kiraly et al. The dynamics of Adria: a unique complexity unraveled in laboratory models
Lu & Huismans Timing and distribution of magmatism at magma-poor margins: Controls from crustal rheology and depleted cratonic lithosphere
Marquart et al. Non-thermal equilibrium two-phase flow for melt migration and ascent
Osei Tutu et al. Constraining upper mantle viscosity and plate boundary friction using global plate motions and lithosphere net rotation
Patočka and Tackley Initiation of subduction by small scale convection: new insights from viscoelastic models with a free surface
Peral et al. Analogue modelling of opposite subduction retreating in adjacent plates
Plunder et al. The effect of oblique convergence on temperature in subduction zones: insights from 3D numerical modelling
Pranger et al. Physical and numerical ingredients of a 3D continuum seismic cycle code
Pusok and Stegman Formation and stability of a double subduction system: a numerical study
Reuber et al. Understanding the Yellowstone magmatic system using geodynamic simulations
Rolf et al. Dynamic modelling of Venus interior evolution and implications for mantle viscosity structure and surface observables
Root The effect of regularisation in global tomography on mantle density models
Rummel et al. A coupled petrological-geodynamical model to investigate the evolution of crustal magmatic systems
Schmeling et al. Thermo-mechanical two-phase flow models of magma ascent in the continental crust: effect of heat flow and extension
Schütt and Whipp 3D dynamics of crustal deformation along the western Andean margin
Steffen et al. Fault reactivation due to glacially induced stresses
Tetley et al. A computational framework to optimise global absolute plate motion models
Tommasi et al. Deformation, crystal preferred orientations, and seismic anisotropy in the Earths D” layer
van Dinther et al. Sequential data assimilation for solid Earth sciences: Probabilistic estimation and forecasting of fault stresses
Wallner et al. Melting and melt flow under continental crust conditions: numerical ex- ploration of flow rheologies of melt and rock
Weller and Lenardic The energetics of evolving convective systems: Internal heating, mixing, and Earth’s evolution
Zhou et al. Subduction initiation propagates along the transform fault: 3D numerical modeling