NetherMod 2017 Conference (27-31 Aug. 2017)

poster session Thursday

Alsaif et al. Subduction zone modeling: Upper plate deformation in response to increasing trench retreat velocity
Humphreys The Columbia River Flood Basalts: Initiated from below, driven from above
Jeanniot & Buiter A quantitative analysis of transtensional margin width
Lavecchia et al. Lithosphere erosion and breakup due to interaction between extension and plume upwelling
Le Pourhiet et al. Pulses of continental break-up, causes and consequences
Maurice et al. Implications of solid-state convection onset during magma ocean solidification
Miglio et al. Nonlinear elasto-plasticity for finite-strain deformations
Munch et al. Oroclines development in context of slab retreat
Negredo et al. Modelling the interaction between edge-driven convection and mantle plumes: Preliminary results using ASPECT code
Nakagawa and Iwamori On the evolution of water ocean in plate-mantle dynamics system
Olive et al. Seafloor spreading without magma
Penati et al. PoGlaR – A finite element code for high performance simulation of Post Glacial Rebound
Piccolo et al. Effect of crustal differentiation on the geodynamics of the Early Earth
Preuss et al. Seismicity and branching of evolving strike-slip faults in undamaged rock
Price et al. Investigations with melting in plate driven mantle convection models
Reuber et al. Deriving scaling laws in geodynamics using adjoint gradients
Ribe and Castelnau An analytical finite-strain parameterization for texture evolution in deformed olivine polycrystals
Rodriguez-Gonzalez et al. Water in geodynamical models of mantle convection and plate tectonics
Rolf et al. Inferences on the uniform sampling of Earth’s latitudes and paleomagnetic inclinations from spherical mantle convection models with continental drift
Rozel et al. Generation of proto-continental crust in the Archean: numerical simulations of global convection
Rubens Sgreva and Davaille From viscous plume to dikes and fractures
Sadeghi-Bagherabadi et al. Upper mantle anisotropy in western Iran: shear-wave splitting and Love-to-Rayleigh scattering
Schierjott et al. Investigating characteristics of detected thermochemical piles
Schliffke et al. Distribution of magmatism in numerical models after delamination during continental collision
Shephard et al. Vote maps of the lower mantle linking seismology, tectonics and geodynamics
Silva and Sacek Numerical modeling of the formation of the Continental Rift of South-eastern Brazil
Theunissen and Huismans Long-term coupling and feedbacks between surface processes and tectonics during rifting
Thielmann and Dabrowski Towards modeling of magma mixing and mingling due to particle/bubble segregation
Tommasi et al. The rheology of the lithospheric mantle revisited: recent experimental data, crystal-scale models, and observations of natural systems
Torne et al. 3D lithospheric mapping of the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding Atlantic and Mediterranean margins from 3D joint inversion of elevation and potential field data (gravity and geoid)
Valverde-Perez et al. The role of elasticity and plasticity in crustal shortening and topography evolution, insights from two-dimensional mechanical model
van Wijk Formation, evolution, and extinction of pull-apart basins
van Zelst et al. The influence of tectonics and wave propagation on splay fault activation
Wagner et Tackley Geochemical cycling of greenhouse gases between interior and atmosphere
Wang et al. Mountain building in Taiwan: insights from 3D numerical modeling
Whipp and Beaumont Strain partitioning in arcuate orogens: Analytical predictions and numerical experiments based on the Himalayan arc
Wiesenhöfer Fractional crystallization in a terrestrial magma ocean
Wolf et al. From back-arc extension to orogenic plateau formation a numerical modeling study of ocean-continent subduction systems
Zhao et al. The participation of ilmenite-bearing cumulates in lunar mantle overturn