NetherMod 2017 Conference (27-31 Aug. 2017)

poster session Monday

Bolrao Numerical simulations of melting-crystallisation processes at the boundaries between magma oceans and solid mantle
Boonma Dependence of slab buoyancy on composition and convergence rate: insights from kinematic modelling
Bredow et al. Variable melt production rate of the Kerguelen hotspot due to long-term plume-ridge interaction
Buiter & Shephard Numerical experiments investigating alternative extension velocity histories for the North Atlantic rifted margins
Chotalia et al. Water, viscosity and mantle convection: the effects of weakening and mixing
Ciskova & Bina Rheological effects on slab stagnation in the transition zone and uppermost lower mantle
Conrad et al. Volumes and patterns of asthenospheric melt inferred from the space-time distribution of seamounts
Costa et al. Numerical modeling of large-scale lateral collapses in volcanic edifices
Crameri StagLab: Post-processing and visualizing mantle and lithosphere dynamics
Dal Zilio et al. Under the hood of the earthquake machine: Toward predictive modeling of the Himalayan seismic cycle
Dannberg & Gassmoeller Chemical trends in ocean islands explained by plume–slab interaction
Davaille et al. Plume-induced subduction and accretion on convecting planets: experiments and scaling relationships
Dohmen & Schmeling Modeling of solitary porosity waves with new viscosity laws
Eichheimer et al. Towards modelling of water inflow into the mantle
Ficini et al. Mantle convection: clues from lithosphere sinking at subduction zones
Fraters et al. Efficient and practical Newton solvers for nonlinear Stokes systems in geodynamic problems
Fuchs & Becker Plate like convection with viscous strain weakening and corresponding surface deformation pattern
Gerardi & Rice Boundary-element modeling of two-plate interaction at subduction zones: scaling laws and a geophysical constraint
Glerum et al. 3D Numerical rift modeling with an application to the East African Rift System
Golabek et al. Post-magma ocean mixing of reservoirs inside the angrite parent body
Grima et al. The slab-mantle interaction, deformation and its translated surface topography effects
Guelcher et al. Influence of detachment faults on intra-oceanic subduction initiation: 3D thermomechanical modelling
Hellenkamp et al. The influence of internal heat sources on mantle convection with phase transitions
Houser et al. Life on a dry Planet
Humphreys et al. Recent craton growth by slab stacking beneath Wyoming
Jain et al. Self-consistent generation of primordial continental crust in global mantle convection models
Jimenez-Munt et al. Geodynamic model of recent deformation in central Eurasia
Jimenez-Diaz Mechanical characterization of the Eastern Central Atlantic hotspots
Kaus et al. Regularized non-local plasticity models for geodynamic simulations
Liu et al. The influence of the orogenic lithospheric strength on foreland deformation patterns
Long & Ballmer Intraplate volcanism in northeast China due to upwellings rising from the stagnant slab
Magni et al. Continental underplating after slab break-off
Mameri et al. Mechanical anisotropy in the upper mantle: a comparison between ex- perimental observations and model predictions
Manjon-Cabeza Cordoba & Ballmer Edge-driven convection: Geodynamic modelling and implications for volcanism
Mittelstaedt and Davaille Controls on the formation and evolution of microplates in scaled laboratory experiments
Raess et al. Localised two-phase flow: Application of implicit matrix-free pseudotransient method
Rüpke Deformation, fluid flow and mantle serpentinization at oceanic transform faults
Sibrant et al. Role of axial strength of the lithosphere on the accretion mode of mid-ocean ridges
Stein and Hansen The presence of dense material in the deep mantle: implications for plate motion
Willis et al. The Altyn Tagh fault: quantifying the contribution of strain-weakening on lithospheric rheology
Wong et al. Lithospheric stresses on Europa’s icy shell: Can subduction initiate on Europa?